Member Since July 29, 2008

i have been drawing and scetching all my life and had an early notion of what i want my life experience to that i create for others to see - but most of all to have a way of expressing my inner world.
in my teens i have been introduced to acrilic paint and it has been love at first sight. it took me some time to learn what exactly i could do with them but it has been a pleasureable journey that has not ended to this day. lately i have been experimenting with oil paint that has opened a whole new world to me yet to be discovered.
my primary motifs are faces and figures with which i rarely include scenery for i try to emphasise the importance of an individual inside this world of ours that leaves me with an empty feeling inside again and again. my paintings tend to be macabre, scary, heavy to digest i have been told. and i admitt - it is the reaction i am looking for.