Nicolas Boillot
Since 2002
Works in France France

Nicolas Boillot is an artist working with new media. Some of his work is oriented around the notion of information flow. He creates artworks that, through arrangement, accumulation, new configuration, aim to generate possible interpretations, making hidden sides evident, creating new ways to read or interpret information flows.

He gained a Master Degree in New media Arts from the University of Poitiers/La Rochelle - Art School of Poitiers / Angoulême, France in 2004 and prior to this a National Superior Art School Diploma from the Art School of Aix en Provence, France in 2003.

His artwork has been shown in various new media exhibition including: RE/Mixed Media Festival (Brooklyn Lyceum, New York, U.S.A., 2012), Géographies variables (La Chambre Blanche, Quebec city, Canada, 2012), Born in 1987, The animated gif (The Photographers’ Gallery, London, UK, 2012), Fach & Asendorf Gallery (Internet, Stuttgart, Kassel, Germany, 2012), Le Hublot (Nice, France, 2012), La Chambre Blanche, (Quebec city, Canada, 2010), La Bande vidéo (Quebec city, Canada, 2009), Norapolis VI and VII (Metz, France, 2008-2009), the 8th Video, Art and New Media Biennial of Santiago (Santiago, Chile, 2007), Art Tech Media (Spain, 2006), the 25th Viper: International Film, Video & New Media Festival (Basel, Switzerland, 2006) and Symbiosis: Zones of Contact (Luarca, Spain, 2005)