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Thanks for the link to your paper!

I had known that Gene's book was online, but I guess I had just associated it with something beyond the scope of your ...
Hey Michael:

I wouldn't say that Massumi's version of affect is asocial, just more individual (aka less networked). That's might be part of the problem of applying his kind of ...
Thanks for the additional insights into the Prix definition of netart, Michael. I think that the notion of affect is a significant aspect for understanding the limitations (and/or expanses ...

I want to second Michael's thanks for posting directly to the article as opposed to third-party commercial social networking sites.

I also want to preface that I appreciate you ...
I think Zach Blas' _Facial Weaponized Suite_ should also be included in this collection/round up »

April 24 2013 18:47 on Breaking the Ice

"fuel communication between the different generations, styles, networks and art appraoches."

Yes please, I feel like New Media/Net Art is so diverse and crazy and pluralistic that there ...
April 22 2013 12:52 on Breaking the Ice

O hai:

Michael, congrats on the position and glad you broke the ice. I've read some of the thoughtful comments by other people and don't think I have too much ...
this ++
Aug. 24 2010 14:59 on Ghost (1984) - Takashi Ito

Takashi Ito is the master!

good to see his work being spread around!
Reminds me of Errata by Chicago artist Alexander Stewart:

Film » Video » jw Player result in great artifacting!

July 31 2009 13:03 on General Web Content

2YTVMFCF dot com is made by JAKE ELLIOTT (

big ups CHIwebz
Great report Marisa!

I'm particularly interested to hear more about the differentiation between these micro-generations of makers/practitioners within the genre. In being excited about following this path, I was ...
May 30 2008 12:05 on The Tomorrow People

i was thinking more like ::

<object width="425" height="355"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="wmode" value="transparent"></param><embed src="http://www ...
May 29 2008 21:27 on The Tomorrow People

cause that show was awesome.
One of the main enemies was a swarm of killer bees.

But ya, this is good too.