Neil Zusman


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Who is Neil Zusman?

By Carl Goodman

Neil Zusman is a video/Web artist. A poet of many mediums,
he is an animator/orchestrator of images. His current work –
Mouse.Dance – is all interactive, a wild and unique stop on
the World Wide Web. His work has been shown at Art on the
Edge and Turbulence and has been presented at THAW 98.

Mouse.Dance is a 1998-99 commission of New Radio
and Performing Arts, Inc. of Staten Island, NY. It was funded by The National Endowment for the Arts. LOUNGE VIDEO (1998,
video, live mix) has recently been seen in The Found/Stolen
Show at Moebius in Boston, the F3 Film Festival in Austin,
Banff Arts Center, Canada, and the Anchorage in New York.