michiel Knaven


Member Since January 1, 1996

Michiel Knaven studied violin and photography in the eighties and works
and lives in Holland.
In the 90s he started working with computers, had his first netart
works online in 1996 and produced in 1998 his first cd-rom called
Nachtmusik 6.

In 1993 he started a longtime project called a polyphonic chronical in which he visually records an imaginary journey within the fields of music and visual arts.
In 2003 he finished this project with the "Canon".

1. "Passacaglia".
Assemblages & artist's book

2."Nachtmusik" (nightmusic)
Large scale photographs mounted on
plexiglass & artist's book

3. "Nachtmusik 6"
Cd-rom and netart

4. "The handmirror".

[ The handmirror won the ArtOnTheNet2001 silverprice see:
http://www.netarts.org/mcmogatk/2001/awards.html ]

5. "Canon"
A composition for 5 monitors in 5

For an overview of all virtual and non virtual works see:

During spring 2004 he worked 3 months in New York City on a new body of photoworks. More details and images on his website.