Joseph DeLappe
Since 2002
Works in Reno, Nebraska United States of America

Joseph DeLappe is a media artist and educator. Working with electronic and new media since 1983, his work in online gaming performance, installation and sculpture have been shown throughout the United States and abroad. His work engages politics, war, work, play, protest and human/machine relations. Much of his work over the past decade involves taking creative agency in online shooter games and virtual communities. The intent is to create works that are formally and aesthetically engaging while conceptually connecting with the everyday; to reify the ordinary into the extraordinary; to intervene in social and political realities, both real and virtual.

His works have been exhibited throughout the world. Projects have been written about and/or he was interviewed in the following media contexts: , , The New York Times , CNN domestic and international, NPR (National Public Radio), CBC (Canadian Broadcast Company), and The Sydney Morning Herald . He is a native of San Francisco and has resided in Reno, with his wife and twin daughters since 1993.
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Call For Proposals: First Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media

Wed Sep 06, 2006 10:16


The First Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media

Attention Graduate Students!

Call For Proposals: Exhibit, Netart, Present, Perform, Project(full dome)

The 1st Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media will highlight the work of currently enrolled graduate and phd candidates working in experimental digital media at Universities throughout the United States and abroad. Graduate students working in and across disciplines are encouraged to submit works to be considered for this unique opportunity. The event breaks down into five interrelated events/venues: exhibit, netart, perform, project and present.

We invite proposals from currently enrolled graduate and phd students to submit work for consideration. Artists working in all visual and performative media incorporating digital systems, including but not limited to: interactive art, robotics, slash artists, movement/dance, gaming, net art, full-dome video/animation, generative systems, sculpture, locative media, electronic music, sound art, experimental theater, performance art, etc. are invited to apply. Collaborations and works in progress are welcome and encouraged.

A limited number of travel/accommodation grants are available and will be awarded by the festival jurors.

Festival jurors: Joseph DeLappe, Chair, Department of Art/UNR, Marji Vecchio, Director, Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery/UNR, Dan Ruby, Associate Director, Fleischman Planetarium/UNR

Deadline for submissions: Must arrive by September 29th, 2006

Entry Information:
Please send:
- 200 word maximum description of your work/proposal, specify the event/venue to which you are applying
- current resume
- name and contact info of graduate committee chair/advisor
- appropriate documentation of your work product (DVD, CDrom, URL).
- please inform us of any technical requirements and/or equipment necessary to show your work.

Email applications, where appropriate, are welcome - send these to .
If you wish the return of your material, please include a SASE. Our mailing address:

The 1st Reno Interdisciplinary Festival of New Media
Digital Media Studio
Department of Art/224
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557 USA

This event is sponsored by the Benna Foundation for Excellence in the Fine Arts, The University of Nevada, Reno, Department of Art, The Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery, the Fleischman Planetarium and Science Center, and the Nevada Museum of Art.


The Great Debate: Battlefield Vietnam

Announcing: Battlefield Vietnam: The Great Debate

On Sunday, October 3rd, 2004, artist Joseph DeLappe re-enacted the first, 2004 Presidential Debate between Senator John Kerry and President George Bush in the PC online first person shooter game, "Battlefield Vietnam".

The performance/re-enactment involved typing into "Battlefield Vietnam" online the entire transcript from the first presidential debate. DeLappe switched his profile, or name, during the gameplay from "George Bush" to "John Kerry", as needed, to recreate, through the instant, text messaging system used in the online game, the entire 14,000+ words. The transcript, used in printed form from the NYtimes on the web, were typed into the online gameplay over the course of an eight hour session, visiting multiple game servers in the US and abroad.

"John Kerry" or "George Bush" were randomly assigned by the host servers to either the US, South Vietnamese Army or the NVA(North Vietnamese Army) teams during the numerous online game sessions, each lasting from 2 minutes to 1/2 hour. Each game session featured between 14 and 31 other online gamers. There was much reaction from the other players during the re-enactment: from righteous outrage to genuine political dialogue to being kicked several times from multiple servers. The experience was thoroughly exhausting, truly a monumental effort at absurdist, online political theater.

Please visit my website to view a few screen shots and some composites of the text messages from the actual performance online:

On Saturday, October 4th, DeLappe will re-enact the second "Town Hall" style presidential debate in a piece entitled: "Town Hall: Jedi Knight Outcast", using the "Starwars: Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast" online game as a platform for recreating this second presidential debate. DeLappe is considering re-enacting the third debate, focused on domestic issues, in the "Sims Online" game.


Thu Feb 12, 2004 00:00 - Wed Jan 28, 2004
February 12




Sat Mar 08, 2003 00:00 - Tue Mar 04, 2003

Saturday, March 8, 2003
Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery
University of Nevada, Reno
Reno, Nevada 89557

Read the New York Times article from Monday, March 3, 2003 by Arts Online Writer Matt Mirapaul:

Artist Joseph DeLappe proudly presents: Quake/Friends.2, an online performance event, that will be taking place, in front of a live audience, on the evening of March 8, 2003 in the Sheppard Fine Arts Gallery on the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno. This piece involves 6 performers connected to the same "Quake III Arena" first person shooter server online. The primary goal of this game is to kill as many opponents before they kill you - most kills wins the match. Instead of participating in the graphic, three dimensionally simulated environment of death, the performers will be recreating, by typing on our keyboards using the games online messaging system, the pilot episode from the popular sit-com "Friends" - each of us logging into the game as one of the characters from the show. Phoebe, Ross, Monica, Joey, Chandler and Rachel will be performing an adaptation of this television show's first episode by typing, while at the same time reciting, the lines from the show - the lines of text will appear at the top of each player's screen in real time. Our performers will function as passive, neutral visitors to
the game - we will be constantly killed and reincarnated to continue the performance.

The temporary performance environment will include six large video projections, one each showing the action from the point of view of each individual performer.

The evenings event will start with a solo reading by artist Joseph DeLappe of selected works of the English wartime poet, Siegfried Sassoon, to take place in the "Medal of Honor" online World War II first person shooter simulation game space.

This performance is free and open to the public. Seating is limited.

Our Performers: Joseph DeLappe as Ross , Charles Sheppard as Chandler, Eric Gareventa as Joey, Justin Lawrence as Phoebe, Dan Ruby as Monica, Pete Froslie as Rachel

A web cam will be accessible to view the performance in real-time - please go to for more information. Documentation of the performance will also be posted in the week after the event.

Visit this web site for documentation of DeLappe's previous version of "Quake/Friends", "Howl: Elite Force Voyager Online" and "War Poets: Medal of Honor Online".