John Koch

Member Since December 23, 2013

John Koch is a painter, musician, photographer and video artist living in Graz, Austria. His Dead Gifts paintings explore the human tradition of honoring the dead with hand crafted items. In the Dead Gifts series, he reproduces nostalgic paintings created by fictional Townspeople as they recall and honor the lives of the fictional Authority Office leaders Mud Scab, Gwin Von Pellets and Brian.

Authority Office (pronounced "uh-thawr-i-tee" "aw-fis") is the international art collective founded in 2005 between Kota Uetsu (Austria), Katie Bush (San Francisco) and John Koch (Austria). Authority Office combines video, music, art multiples and live performance into large gallery installations for on and offline consumption.

The exhibition Interpenetrations at the Right Window Gallery in San Francisco employed backlit photographic transparencies to explore the spiritual qualities of shared physical spaces.