Member Since July 9, 2010

Trained in 3D graphic arts at the Supinfocom school (Valenciennes) - in both technical and artistic aspects - in 2001 I passed my digital filmmaking diploma.

Dedicating myself to feature film special effects, I had the opportunity to work on many projects, for prestigious directors such as Roman Polanski, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, François Ozon or Cédric Khan.
This professional activity helped me to gain a detailed knowledge of digital tools and computer-generated images in particular.
At the same time, I had always felt the need to develop personal projects. I am the director of over ten short films/art films which have been shown at many festivals and exhibited in galleries.

My first exhibition in a space dedicated to contemporary art took place in 2004 at the Artcore gallery (Paris). Since then, my videos have been exhibited in several art spaces or galleries: at Le Cube (Issy-les-Moulineaux), the Galerie Magda Danysz (Paris), the ADN Gallery (Spain), etc.

I have always been excited by art and sciences. My practice of art has always been through the filter of science, through the medium of IT and 3D.
I like it when works are the fruit of research, when they have been developed through a complex process, through the resolution of technical issues.
The possibility of using industrial techniques for artistic ends interests me very much. Moreover, many artistic innovations often come from the emergence of new technologies (screen-printing for Warhol, video for Nam June Paik, plastics and rare gases for Kowalski, polyester inclusions for Arman, expansions and compressions for César, neon tubes for Dan Flavin….).

My only medium was video. Now I make full use of 3D computer graphics and I develop more ambitious projects, consisting of prints, sculptures and videos.