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Losing weight is not just about looking good; it's also about keeping healthy. With all the media hype on being thin, it is easy to get carried away with losing weight, often leading to unhealthy results. Probably the best time to lose weight is if you are suffering from obesity.

About obesity

Obesity is a disease that affects as much as 150 million Americans, or 65% of the population. This number is continuously increasing every year, and even children are being inflicted with the disease.

Obesity results from the accumulation of excess body fat. It is measured through the body mass index (BMI), which determines the proportion of one's height to his weight. A BMI of over 25 means that you are overweight; over 30 means you are obese and at risk for serious health complications. A severe form of obesity, morbid obesity, strikes those who are over 100 lbs. overweight and with a BMI of over 40. If left untreated, obesity can lead to serious complications like heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

For all that want the answer to the question "What's the fastest way to lose weight?" let me ask you a question first. What ever happened to hard work, discipline, work ethic, and eating right? Did I miss something or did I fall asleep one day and then woke up with a million ways to lose weight fast within 24 hours? I mean come on. Lose Weight - Quick Ways to Lose Weight Sure there are some pills that could probably help you to lose weight, but if you're popping weight loss pills like Tic Tacs after you supersize you're Value meals, pills won't seem to be that affective. Plus you don't want to risk your health for the sake of rapid weight loss.

If you can stick to the eating for energy diet, based on fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and other vital nutrients you can gain back your energy, weight control, skin and much more. Yuri Elkaim makes the claim that if you eat more live foods, you will feel more alive and full of energy. Energy Diet - Eating For Energy On the website they have photos of raw food and you will see the light of the energy bursting from the raw food, in the picture of the cooked food the energy is dramatically decreased. When you order you will get the eating for energy book, nutrition for athletes guide, 12 week meal plan, healthy recipe guide, smoothie juice guide, tele-class audio files and much more.

The Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle resource would fit into the "take mega action" category. Once you get to the taking action step, you need to know what to do. That's where it fits in. But let's tackle the first two steps first. This is sort of like combining Anthony Robbin's tactics with Tom Venuto's knowledge. Burn Fat Feed Muscle - Build Muscle Burn Fat A perfect recipe for achieving success with your fat loss goals. OK, so decide on an outcome. It's better to focus on an outcome you want, rather than setting goals. Goals are just things you never attain. Outcomes always happen. So call them outcomes and focus all your energy on them.

Are you a new mom wishing to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and weight? Be cautious while starting any diet or exercise regimen for after pregnancy weight loss. Weight gain during pregnancy is nature's way of coping with new life. Eating for two is not a joke but is the reason that you have put on all that extra mass. Pregnancy Weight Loss - Pregnancy Without Pounds To provide nutrition to the baby in your womb, your body tries to absorb as much as nutrients possible. The weight gain during pregnancy is not a bad thing to happen. Forget about the celebrity moms and their after pregnancy weight loss programs. That is all for people with loads of money and plenty of free time on their hands.

Are you searching for a review of the Yummy Mummy Makeover package? Like me, you are most likely a mom trying to balance your work activities and also manage your children. Today's mothers are becoming busier and busier, often at the expense of their own needs. Yummy Mummy - Post Pregnancy Weight With so many tasks to take care of, I had very little time for anything else, and I felt that my lifestyle quality was getting worse every day. I knew I needed my life to change for the better, and then I discovered the Yummy Mummy Makeover system that promised to improve my life, even as a busy mom. So did the methods work for me?

There is the latest weight loss program called Flat Belly Diet. This diet is based on monounsaturated fats. Each meal should compose of this fat. The meal plan should be 1600 calories a day. Flat Belly Diet - 7 Day Diet The suggested foods are food with monounsaturated fats such as oils like canola oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, soybean and walnut nuts, almond butter, olives and dark chocolate. Fruits vegetables red meat and whole grains can also be included. Like any other program, you will need exercise, cardio workouts, and resistance training in order to be effective. Though, the program advertisement says there is no exercise needed.

If you think that the only way to build huge, well-defined muscles is through supplements and killer workouts you should look into the No Nonsense Muscle Building system. It proves that you don't have to spend all of your time in the gym to get rock hard muscles. The system doesn't endorse any supplements or chemical enhancements, either. No Nonsense Muscle - Muscle Building Workouts It simply teaches you how to use the systems your body already naturally possesses to enhance your muscle tone and gain more muscle mass. With the No Nonsense Muscle Building system any 98 pound weakling really can become the biggest guy in the gym without resorting to illegal drugs or expensive trainers.

In this first of a series of articles on metabolic syndrome I will show you how the metabolic diet will remove the challenge of incorporating dietary advice for each of the underlying diseases and set you off on a healthy diet based on a set of easy to follow guidelines. Metabolic Diet - Metabolic Weight Loss Let us first outline the characteristics of metabolic syndrome, sometimes also called Syndrome X, Reaven's syndrome or CHAOS, to understand the medical challenges the metabolic diet addresses. There are a number of organizations offering definitions of metabolic syndrome and although they differ slightly the key components are the same.

Tacfit Commando by Scott Sonnon is a very popular body-weight workout program. In this Tacfit Commando review we will take a look at this program and see what are the pros and cons of Scott Sonnon's product. The Tacfit Commando body-weight workout program is a highly innovative system developed by one of the most renowned fitness experts in the world, Scott Sonnon. Tacfit - Tacfit Commando Instead of focusing on the aesthetic part of bodybuilding which only serves to improve the looks but not the actual fitness of the body, in his program Scott Sonnon works towards developing exercises that can increase freedom of movement and increase functional strength at the same time.

Weight loss is a critical issue in today's society with obesity on the rise and people finally realizing what being overweight is doing to their bodies, their health and eventually their lifestyles. Weight loss is good for many conditions. It is of real benefit in diabetes, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, joint problems and raised cholesterol. Weight Loss - Weight Loss Diet Weight loss is possible with exercise and healthy meals alone, but including good-quality protein and building lean muscle mass will help you lose more quickly, helping you to keep the weight off and stay healthy.

Looking for the solution

Because of the threats posed by obesity, Americans are hard-pressed to find a solution to the problem. According to reports, Americans spend as much as $56 billion every year on weight loss programs and products, such as entering a diet and weight loss clinic. However, there is no sufficient research to prove that they are effective, especially in the long run.

Weight loss clinics

A diet and weight loss clinic is one of the places people go to if they want to lose weight. A diet and weight loss clinic offers a variety of services to individuals, including weight loss programs, diet, and even surgery.

Several weight loss clinics are claiming to provide the most effective solution in losing and maintaining weight. However, before entering a diet and weight loss clinic, several things should be considered.

A diet and weight loss clinic may help you lose weight and the excess pounds, but it may not help you lose the unhealthy lifestyle. Several weight loss clinics are offering strict diet programs and menus for you to follow. However, once you have lost the weight, there is no assurance that you will not gain it back. Some people, because of the lack of discipline and maintenance, tend to return to their old eating habits, and gaining the weight they worked so hard to lose.

Also, a diet and weight loss clinic may overcharge its patients. There is a diet and weight loss clinic that charges hundreds of dollars on an calorie bar it is selling. A diet and weight loss clinic endorsed by a celebrity is definitely more expensive. But there is no guarantee that the clinic is actually effective or not. Before entering a weight loss clinic, it is always important to get expert advice. Talk to your doctor or nutritionist and determine your current weight and what steps you should take. Your doctor may advice you to not enter a weight loss clinic and instead lose the excess pounds on your own. Whatever the case, an expert advice will definitely help you in your decision-making.