David Cotterrell

Member Since January 1, 1996


Installation artist working across varied media. Digital Video, Interactive Media, Device Control and Hybrid technology. Playing with an acknowledged tradition of eccentric invention, he customises existing technologies to assert new use values. A practice divided between the gallery and public realm, the differing demands of each intervention are reflected in Cotterrell's sensitivity to site as both location and subject.

Since the mid 90s Cotterrell has exhibited internationally both in and outside conventional gallery spaces, invading the public arena in unexpected ways, as with his man-made geyser, which spurts water high into the air from the middle of a suburban park every day at an allocated time. Cotterrell was selected for the Becks Futures Awards at the ICA, London, 2002 and is working on a number of public commissions in the UK and internationally. His work is currently on show at the Palazzo delle Papesse, Siena and within the exhibition Exhumed in London.

A 128pp Book on Cotterrell's recent work has been published by Black Dog Publishing, 'The Impossible Project' (ISBN 1 901033 73 2) and is available through Amazon and major resellers.

David Cotterrell is represented by Danielle Arnaud contemporary art. Danielle Arnaud can be contacted through her website, http://www.daniellearnaud.com