Daniel Young

Member Since October 18, 2008

Daniel Young is an artist, inventor and designer living and working in New York City. He has recently been christened an "entrepreneur" by virtue of inclusion in "The Design Entrepreneur" by Steven Heller and Lita Talarico (Rockport Publications, 2008) In that book, the products of Young's new company, ParadoxyProducts.com, are described as "completely new design objects which cross the border between fun and philosophy and between design and art."
Young maintains the position that his design work, whether it results in computer-generated false headlines or objects such as the true form of Yin & Yang, should be treated as fine art.
Young's studio is in Milton Glaser's design building in New York City where Young has the luxury of going downstairs to consult the legendary Glaser or upstairs to consult the ingenious Mirko Ilic.
Young was a lawyer before he gave in to artistic dementia. He has had a very soft life, married once and reproduced twice.