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Vincent 'Vinston' Thaon - guitars, more
Born in 1974 in France. Musician, videast, director and multimediast. Has worked with many musical groups. Part of the bootymachine since v1.0 . He is active in the world of video advertising but also in the realization of video recordings of theatral and musical performances. Also works on his solo musician career as a singer and guitar player.

Tristan 'Z' Zand - bass, programming, sound, more
Born in 1971 in Stanford, California. Musician, multimediast. Worked since the mid-ninetees as a consultant and expert in new technologies and the internet for television and press, and as a freelance multimedia conceptor. Currently works as a pediatric radiologist. Part of the bootymachine since v1.0 . Tries to relate the diverse dimensions that link science, society, and technology, in a human-centric fashion, using improvisation, automatic composition, and technological artefacts on the internets. The groovatory approach to multimedia composition, using his bass as a tool bench. Web experimentalist since the beginning of the ninetees: .