Bob Meanza

Member Since August 27, 2013


Bob Meanza works with robots of various types and sizes, be they spring-loaded toys or some quad-core-processor cabinet. His main focus is digital sound, either conceived as a musical performance or as a sonic installation.

As a musician, his preferred performance setting is the improvised set, in which he mainly plays with a laptop setup, looking for some risky degree of instability on the stage with acoustic musicians and performers.

As a sound artist, he has collaborated with theatre groups like Barok The Great ("Wrestling", 2010) and La Pesatura dei Punti ("You're not alone any…way…", 2011-2013). He works with visual artist Marco Mendeni for an ongoing project on game art ("I'm not playing", 2013).

The fascination for old technological bisons took form in "Three Diamond Ohms" (Phonoethics, 2013), an album with solo compositions for an old transistor organ. His live activity in Berlin has been documented in "Live at the Loophole", a concert album with the band Toxydoll (Aut Records, 2013).

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