Andrei Thomaz
Since the beginning
Works in São Paulo Brazil

Andrei R. Thomaz is graduated in Fine Arts by UFRGS and currently courses a MFA at ECA/USP, São Paulo, Brazil, supervised by Silvia Laurentiz. He is studying the presence of labyrinths in electronic games. He has developed net art works since 2000, and the labyrinth is one of the main subjects in his works. These works can be seen at
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Net Art Versioning

using the same kind of language to different ends doesn't seem a good choice. I mean, using "net art 2.0" with a different intention than the use of "web 2.0" is contradictory. You want to say something, but the words you use mean another thing, very different...

Insisting on the use of "net art 2.0" would obligate you to ALWAYS make the (good) clarification made by Whid. If not enough, it also brings a kind of "futuristic logic", like the ones which drive the market, the industry and their discourses.



Somewhere In Time

Tue Apr 15, 2008 00:00 - Tue Apr 15, 2008

new work


new work

the board of forking games



CALL FOR WORKS - Percursos Project

Percursos Project

Paths of the gaze, paths in time, paths taken in space, in the city,
in the landscape. Paths one can draw, imagine, make possible,
traverse. The Percursos Project is an initiative of a
multidisciplinary group of artists (acting in the area of visual art
and design) moved by the desire to find new ways to perceive normally
unnoticed situations in daily life. Percursos aims to establish
dialogues through artistic proposals introduced as elements of
"contra-flux" (against the flow), thus suggesting conversations,
sharing and exchanging many different possibilities and gazes in
relation to daily reality and the city.
Percursos is taking place in the city of Porto Alegre (Rio Grande do
Sul, Brazil) from the 11th of September to the 11th of December, and
includes exhibitions, performances, interventions and web art. As part
of this project, we are launching this announcement for work
submission in order to show and diffuse works by artists as well as
open this exchange network up to the public.
The Percursos Project is non-profit.

All artists interested in the proposal may submit works. Those
selected will be made available at the website
Each artist may submit up to two (2) works. All works submitted must
be related to the theme proposed: "PATHS" and may be: web art,
photography, documentation of interventions, videos, sound works,
drawings, painting, sculpture and prints.

- Short text about the artist (up to 5 lines) and short
curriculum/resum=E9 (up to 5 lines);
- Short description about submitted work(s) (including the work's
title and year of production);
- Full name and artistic name (if applicable);
- email address, telephone number for contact and postal address;
- Image of the work submitted and/or website where works produced for
the web may be accessed (i.e. a pre-existing external link.) Works may
be: web art, photography, documentation of interventions, videos,
sound works, drawings, painting, sculpture and prints.

- Digital images: maximum size 500kb in JPG.
- Video: up to 2MB. Format: Macromedia flash (.swf), quicktime
(.mov), Windows Media Player (.avi).
- Web art: pre-existent external link.
- Sound works: up to 2 MB (including electronic music). Format: MP3 or AIFF=

All information should be sent to:
There is NO CHARGE for entering.

The period for submitting works is from the 11th of September of 2007
till the 11th of November of 2007.
All works must be submitted by this date, no exceptions.

Selected artists will be notified by the 26th of November of 2007. All
notifications will be exclusively by email.

Items overlooked in this announcement will be considered by the
coordinating committee of the event.
For more information about this project, write to:

September 11, 2007: launching of the announcement for work submission
and the opening of the Percursos Project.
November 11, 2007: Final deadline for submission of works. All works
must be submitted by this date.
November 26, 2007: Results for selected works. All artists will be
notified by email.
December 11, 2007: Launching/publication of selected works.




Re: RHIZOME_RAW: Rothko Generator - last chance to see

hello Maya,

I really love Rothko paintings and I am very curious about the work. I
looked at the images and videos in your site, and I was asking me: what are
the work characteristics that are different from the work by Rothko, and how
the fact of they are generated from internet data affects them? I can see
the movement (the animation of the paintings) in the videos but, because I
am seeing only the documentation, I guess that there is more to be seen in
the work (i.e., your work brings movement to Rothko paintings, but I guess
it brings more things too, although I cann't be sure about what they are).

bye, and congratulations for the exhibition,

On 10/9/07, maya <> wrote:
> Savska 25
> Zagreb, Croatia
> ROTHKO GENERATOR - # untitled till infinity
> by Maya Kalogera & CSDVU
> Exhibition runs from September 27 till October 12, 2007
> Opening hours:
> Monday - Friday from 12 am till 20 am
> Saturday from 10 am till 13 am
> Admission Free
> Gallery SC presents Rothko Generator Project
> # untitled till infinity
> by Maya Kalogera and CSDVU.
> Rothko Generator is a software installation which collects and stores
> pictorial data from the internet, alternates and reuses it to substitute
> pixels inside of CG images based on Rothko's work. The Rothko Generator
> Project has two main components, an image processing installation, which
> consists of a PC running a custom made software and a video installation,
> both displayed in the gallery space.
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