Alistair Davidson
Since 2003
Works in Tiburon United States of America

Alistair Davidson is a photographer and poet. He exhibits his books and published his poetry at

He is the author of four books

Silicon Valley Poems, Eclicktick E-Book, 2003
Turn Around: A brief guide to starting, growing, and turning around your software or Internet company, E-clicktick E-Book, 2001

Both are available at and respectively.

His traditional books include

Davidson, Gelmman and Chung, Riding the Tiger, on best practices in information management


Davidson and Fisher, Seizing the Future, 1983 about industrial policy, strategy and technology.

Alistair has been CEO of five companies, is an expert in strategy and information management, is on the board of contributing editors of Strategy and Leadership magazine. He is an occasional professor, teaching strategy and has an MBA from Harvard.