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More than 100 years ago, the notion of male diamond wedding ring was not. In fact, only women get engagement rings as a symbol of them have found their mate. In addition, the status symbol of power to own property in the Victorian era. But in recent years of the nineteenth century, Western society saw a gap double wedding ring, thanks to marketing in the jewelry industry.

The actual boom in the use of double wedding ring began in the 50's when people began to wear not only the bands of gold, platinum, white gold or silver, but the wedding rings with diamonds actually them. To assist the growing custom, he also is 50 on the fact that western civilization has experienced an economic boom, rising incomes, which will be allocated for jewelry. Thus, promotion of men's diamond rings wedding.
Double wedding ring, and "his and her" wedding rings are very common in our time. The only problem is that some people are not very comfortable to wear any jewelry with them with the feeling that "Girl's Charm" reduces their "masculinity." Nevertheless, the designers are very aware of the differences in tastes between men and women, so the wedding rings are treated in such a way that they are similar in appearance, but still suit the person wearing the ring floor.

Whether we like it or not, diamond engagement rings for men are here to stay. It is customary to exchange rings at the present time, even marriage. So if you're a man about to marry, can also make the most of this tradition and find a design that suits you well.