Niamh Smith

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I'm Niamh. I love photography. Most of the time, I can be found outdoors taking photos with my precious camera. Yes, I treat my camera as my baby because it means so much to me. My parents bought me a digital single reflex camera as a gift for my 17th birthday. Actually, it was a long story before I finally had my camera. Months before I celebrate my birthday, my parents let me choose between an Asian cruise or a dslr, in a single condition that I should finish my thesis. Now, the thing is I was having difficulties with the thesis writing. In general, I really find writing a menace in every student's life. I have a friend who's working for an paper writing service so I sought help. I thought this is better than flunking my subject. Anyway, I just asked for help with the review of literature part, I tried my very best to write the rest.