Epilogue (2011)

This webpage is the archive for Epilogue, an interactive work of art that is part of christophermichaelsullivan's Valuate series. Valuate comments on indulgence, value and identity with a series of credit card sculptures and mock credit card advertisements. Visitors are prompted to take pictures of themselves and text, email, or upload them this web site. The image will instantly be assigned a random valid word from our database and made into an image of a credit card. This card will be projected in the gallery for viewers to see, but also saved on this archive for people to visit.

Currently the project is in beta testing. To make your own card please email any picture to beta@cmsvaluate.com, or go to http://www.cmsvaluate.com and fill out the form on the top of the page. Once all 4,035 valid words are assigned, submissions will be closed until the next exhibition.

Full Description

Our team developed an HTML script that imports words from online dictionaries, codes them using a cipher (A=01, B=02, and so on), and then runs the coded words through the Luhn checksum used to validate credit cards. Because credit cards are symbols of identity, and our identity is both self-defined and prescribed by society, we wanted to create a work that allow individuals to interact with algorithm, creating unique card portraits. Using the valid words we developed an interactive web application: Epilogue. Epilogue lets people text/email pictures to receive their own valid word and make a digital card. All the images are saved on a database that can be accessed from a home PC and shared with friends.

The website for Epilogue is at: http://www.cmsvaluate.com/. To make your own card email a picture (.jpg under 1mb) to beta@cmsvaluate.com and wait for an automated response. Each word can only be used once, so after the 4,035 words are assigned the beta testing will be complete and the Beta Matrix at the link will be left up as a collective portrait. After that, a new matrix will be made to correspond with an exhibition of the card sculptures allowing more people to create new card portraits.

Work metadata

  • Year Created: 2011
  • Submitted to ArtBase: Saturday Jan 4th, 2014
  • Original Url: http://www.cmsvaluate.com/
  • Work Credits:
    • Chris Sullivan, Concept
    • Rocco Tripaldi, Programer
  • Collective: christophermichaelsullivan
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Artist Statement

Founded in 2005, christophermichaelsullivan (CMS) is a firm practicing in the field of art. The mission of cmd is to to create witty art projects that people see and enjoy; frequently they fail.

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