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Commissions Deadline Extended to May 15

Over the past couple days, my inbox has been filled with pleas for deadline leniency from bleary-eyed artists around the world who, presumably upon stumbling from their beds after several weeks of napping, suddenly realized that proposals for Rhizome commissions were due imminently. Never fear: we hear your pleas. You now have until May 15. Get cracking!

I would like to remind you of several salient facts. Awards are typically between $1,000 and $5,000. Four of the awards will be given to artists from New York. One of the commissions will go to an artist (from anywhere) with a proposal for a socially-engaged project to take place in New York. Three commissions will be given to projects that engage with Tumblr. I'm not sure of the math, but some grants will also go to artists who are not from New York and engaged neither socially nor with Tumblr.

As always, members will vote for one of the commissions; voting will now open on May 16. 

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Teshia Treuhaft May 1 2013 14:14Reply

Can groups of 2+ enter with a single proposal?

Michael Connor May 1 2013 14:45Reply

Yes! One person needs to be main point of contact but you can have multiple collaborators.

cadfactory May 2 2013 09:51Reply

Hello, I am wondering if, in our application, we must have the final location for any installation confirmed. For example, if we were submitting a work for a public space, or a work for a gallery, must we have the final location confirmed before lodging the application. I ask this as I from overseas and wondering about space and the likelihood of being able to apply from here.



Michael Connor May 2 2013 14:18Reply

Hi Vic, It's definitely not required to have a partner confirmed - although your proposal would be that much stronger if you did.

One clarification: there WILL be commissions given to non-New York projects as well!

cadfactory May 5 2013 20:57Reply


I read it as the project must take place in New York but are you saying that I could propose a project that would take place in Australia?



Monty Cantsin May 3 2013 09:48Reply

How do I access my proposal to edit it after it has been published? (–I forgot to copy the URL of my 'preview' page before clearing my browser's history!)

Zoë Salditch May 6 2013 11:30Reply

Hi Monty,

You can access your proposal by going to your account page and clicking on 'Commissions Voting' (I know that's a odd label, we're working on fixing that..). From there you'll see 'Your Proposals' and when you click on it you'll see a link to edit.

Feel free to email me zoe [dot] salditch [at] rhizome if you have any other troubles!