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Glitching on Tumblr

From Glitch-Hop

Among the recent grop of gif-based glitch Tumblrs is Year of the Glitch, a glitch-a-day blog run by the artist Phillip Stearns featuring a totalizing glitch, where any trace of the previous media has been virtually destroyed. Meanwhile, Tumblrs Glitch Gifs, Glitch-Hop, Glitchee, and Compression Errors feature glitches gleaned from popular, recognizable sources, where amusement comes from the intrusion of a chance-like error on a recognizable piece of media. There's even Food Mosh, a glitch take on the popularity of pictures of food. These are more easily classified as utilizing datamoshing, where manipulations in digital compression produce pixel bleeding. 

Some theory about the practice is can be provided by Thomas Levin: "What is at stake in the vocabulary of such 'compression errors'—evident both in the domains of avant-garde video and in the more popular idiom of music video—is a rendering readable of 'differencing,' of what I call the 'preductive aesthetics of the absent image.'"

Studies: Dither + Flicker No. 1 from Year of the Glitch

Via Food Mosh

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Phillip Stearns June 28 2012 17:56Reply

correction: Phillip Stearns is spelled with two "L"s

Nick Briz July 1 2012 17:02Reply

rad collection of tumblrs!
There's definitely been an explosion in the area of glitch-tumblrs the last year.

i'm not one to claim "firsts", but I feel I should give props to a very early glitch tumblr: http://kittenglitches.tumblr.com/ launched Nov of 2009 by Jake Elliott + partly inspired by the Satromizer: (http://satromizer.com/) (a project with many iterations by Ben Syverson and Jon Satrom = (http://satromizer.com/sOS/))

regarding "theory about the practice", i've been working on a collaborative-modular-project (GLI.TC/H) which has put some serious effort into producing collecting such theory, we released a book (as part of last year's festival/conference/gathering) .pdf available here: http://gli.tc/h/READERROR/ +++ you can check out (and partak in) our open-research wiki here: http://gli.tc/h/wiki/index.php?title=Main_page (with theory page here: http://gli.tc/h/wiki/index.php/Glitch_theory)

/* Jake Elliott + Ben Syverson + Jon Satrom are all Chicago based artists (at times collaborators) who've been working in&&around the vector.view dubbed Chicago "Dirty-New-Media" (http://www.furtherfield.org/blog/ruth-catlow/jake-elliott-dirty-new-media) which may also lend some perspective regarding the theorie/historie/practice */


rob ray July 11 2012 16:17Reply

Good stuff n!ck!