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Art Fair Wrap Up: A Photo Essay

This past weekend the art fair circus came to town! I took some snaps of media art from the fairs, see below.

Jon Kessler, The 5th Column, 2011

Pavel Büchler

Kota Ezawar, Flood, 2011. Murray Guy

Sam Van Aken, New Edens, 2011. Ronald Feldman Fine Art

Hito Steyerl, Red Alert

Rossella Biscotti. Wilfried Lentz

Glen Fogel, With Me You, Participant Inc.

Jeff Whetsone, On the Use of a Syrinx, 2011. Julie Saul Gallery (New York, NY)

Janet Biggs, Airs Above the Ground, 2007. Winkleman Gallery (New York, NY)

Alex Mirutziu, Runway Spill No. 2, SABOT Gallery.

Martin Kohout, Moonwalk, 2008, The Future Gallery (Berlin, Germany)
Shana Moulton, The Galactic Pot Healer, 2010. Galerie Gregor Staiger (Zurich, Switzerland)

Natalie Saltiel is Rhizome's Curatorial Fellow

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Joan Collins March 12 2011 17:51Reply


"If one's mask is not perfectly wrought, if one is not at all times thoroughly conscious that it is a mask, then trouble is to be expected, and the dangers of identifying with such a mask leads to dissociation of the personality (i.e. the gradual erosion and disintegration of the mask), thus denuding the magician and rendering him the prey of hostile and vampiric forces.  His mask may be seized, 'patched up', imprisoned, and used by larvae as a zombie or a decoy to inveigle into the Tunnels the magician's unsuspecting associates.  The intervention of a force from beyond the Abyss can alone salvage such a wreck."