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Cloudscapes (2010) - Transsolar and Tetsuo Kondo Architects

In one of the largest halls of the Architecture Biennale’s Arsenale exhibition space, Transsolar and Tetsuo Kondo Architects created an artificial 800sqm cloud. A spiraling cantilevered ramp allows the visitors of the installation to experience the ethereal cloudscape from below, within, and above.

The cloud is created through climate engineering. Creating the cloud is based on a stabile temperature and humidity stratification in the space in 3 layers: below the cloud 18 - 24°C, 60\% humidity, in the cloud 26 - 32°C at 100\% humidity and above the cloud with 32 - 38°C at around 50\%.

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hello Sept. 19 2010 09:20Reply

His persona and talent never fails to amaze new age actors, but guess who gives actor Amitabh Bachchan a complex? It's Priyanka Chopra.

"Kitna gym kariyega! Complex de rahi hain aap hum sabko! Kal hi badha deta hun apni timings ko (How much gymming will you do? You are giving a complex to all of us. I will increase my gym timings from tomorrow itself)," Amitabh, 67, posted on 28-year-old Priyanka's Twitter page.

Alex Alcyone Sept. 28 2010 05:18Reply

Wow. Sensational! I wonder if they could make it rain indoors…