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Projectors! Projectors! Everywhere! BYOB (Bring Your Own Beamer) NYC

BYOB NYC animated GIF by Travess Smalley

Last Friday, I popped by Spencer Brownstone Gallery for B.Y.O.B. or Bring Your Own Beamer, a one-night-only exhibition organized by artist Rafaël Rozendaal. Artists were invited to bring their own projector (or "beamer" in European parlance) and project whatever they wish - videos, animated gifs, live streams, etc. Despite some problems with electricity and short-circuiting at the space - apparently 30+ projectors and laptops all running simultaneously tested the gallery's supply - the show was a hit and very fun. My favorite work was the live lobsters in a fish tank in the back room by Hayley Silverman and Charles Broskoski. A clip lamp "projected" the tank onto the wall behind it, so it was a creative interpretation of the show's theme. I think they even named them too - Tootsie? Wootsie? I can't remember. Anyway, here are some shots from last Friday. If you live in Los Angeles, lucky you, they'll be organizing another BYOB this coming week on November 19th at USC Gayle and Ed Roski MFA Gallery, info here.


Lobster tank by Hayley Silverman and Charles Broskoski

Artist Jeremy Bailey

Jeremy Bailey's projection in situ

Projection by Rene Abythe

Projection by Dena Yago

Projection by Sarah Weis

Projection by Daniel (Luphoa) Chew

Projection by Artie Vierkant

Sea of laptops and projectors

Ryder Ripps set up a "frame shop" where he sold a projection of a frame to other artists for 25 cents, in order for them to "frame" their works on the walls

Example of Billy Rennekamp's work "framed" by Ryder Ripps

Krist Wood's alchemic sculpture in the backroom

Close-up of Krist Wood's sculpture

A drawing machine by Jesse England

The live feed from Jesse England's drawing machine projected on the wall

Crowd at BYOB

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Duncan Alexander Nov. 15 2010 13:37Reply

I wish I could have been there! This looks spectacular. I saw the lobsters and Jeremy Bailey's piece on Facebook; these photos really fill in a lot of details. I especially like Ryder's frame shop for a lot of reasons, but they would sound really snobby and academic, so I'll just say nice one. :)

Major props to Rozendaal for inventing/running these events. They're innovative, and it looks like people really get it.

curt cloninger Nov. 22 2010 09:21Reply

"(imagine the damage caused by a theft which robbed you only of your frames, or rather of their joints, and of any possibility of reframing your valuables or your art-objects)." - Derrida

>> I especially like Ryder's frame shop for a lot of reasons, but they would sound really snobby and academic, so I'll just say nice one. :)

Internet Archaeology Nov. 26 2010 19:49Reply

curt, u never fail at jerking off to the words of celebrity theorists…