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Feedback (2009) - Brad Tinmouth

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cowwithaballoon March 25 2010 20:08Reply

I think this is very interesting. It plays with the idea that all "pop" music sounds the same and what that says about creativity. It show the idea of the meme. Somebody somewhere made a song where they probably accidentally left the feedback at the being of a song they recorded. Other musician heard the song and thought it would be cool to do purposefully perhaps to make their song sound "raw" or "edgy", and now it is just a musical trope. It is interesting that though they all do you the same effect they seem to often be using different musical tones. They make something original unique, even if it is not interesting. It also seems to show the contemporary interest in the "ugly". Here there is this awful sound these beautiful instruments and musicians spend their time trying to make that sound instead of say trying to play classical music. In some ways it democratizes music. I can not play stairway to heaven, but give me an electric guitar and I can play feedback for you within seconds. It occurs to me that these are also all songs the artist owns. So, while the artist seems to be poking fun at the stupidness of feedback he seems like he is admitting that he kind of likes the trope or at least listens to bands that use it.