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Former Rhizome Fellow Tracky Birthday (aka Dennis Knopf) of netlabel Upitup has teamed up with sister net denizens Ego Twister, Peppermill, Proot, WM Recordings, and Cock Rock Disco to produce the compilation Greatest It, downloadable for FREE here. Each label selected a few choice tracks from their catalog to contribute to the comp, so you get a feel for the artists they support and work with. Netlabels have been carrying the torch for the copyleft cause for awhile, and Greatest It is a concise sampling of what a few of those labels have been up to recently. Check it here.

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Agnideb Mishra March 16 2010 22:01Reply

Interesting picture.

Tracky Birthday March 17 2010 04:30Reply

Indeed, artwork by Amandinde Urruty :)

Sam Saroughi March 23 2010 01:49Reply

it seems like 3D picture, very interesting.

Xaris Papas March 24 2010 13:09Reply

Also check out the compilation linking from within the article. Interesting stuff.

steven streight March 24 2010 13:36Reply

I"ve been a big fan of WM (Weirdo Music) Recordings for years now. I especially am fond of Zloty Dawai, Roy "Chicky" Arad, Chenard Walker, Datapanik, Jan Turkenberg, Rene Vis, Gorowski,