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zu täuschen den Schutzhund at PPOW and REFERENCE Art Gallery


For my exhibition I would like to present to viewers artworks that can be interminably downloaded and displayed concomitantly in several areas. Berlin based artist collective AIDS-3D will present a framed print titled Berserker, a computer generated portrait of an alien, which will be accompanied with a flash drive containing a file for the actual print. New York artist Ben Schumacher will showcase seven 3D models of iPhones all found off of Google’s 3D Warehouse and displayed on IKEA shelves. Artist Victor Vaughn, from Baltimore, will present a series of prints detailing his family’s history of internationally outsourcing for horse breeding. All of these works at the PPOW will be available for free download off the Internet for public access and simultaneously all pieces will be exhibited at REFERENCE Art Gallery in Richmond, Virginia. All works address concurrent issues of originality, distance, and reproduction - a theme attended to with the actual exhibition itself.

AIDS-3D, Berserker, 2010

Picture 2.png
Ben Schumacher, 13of 579 iPhones, 2009

Victor Vaughn, Horse & Handler, 2009

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Edwin VanGorder July 29 2010 18:14Reply

As quickly as I was bewildered everything fell into place , the show has an aha quality that is also provocative. The Detail alien has a resonance for me in relaying both the topography of computer building that is more than formal and relating also something of the homoerotic otherness of Donatellos outreach that finds its other in art as love in the clime of its time and is currently as terestial as ever while the Iphonomene Specific Object wasnt bad either ( I don't think) The Breeding of drawings showcases the strangenes by which the Queens collection made diplomatic channels upon Ingres shore and again, there you are.
The nice thing about our time is a show like this creates a kind of personal nicety in its overall gesture in the age of mechanical aporia while the specific art does manage to emerge however unpredictably in hyper elastic contexts.

usaugg-shops Aug. 4 2010 05:59Reply

and instead we live in the ideal and fantasy of what Summer becomes. We anticipate this time of year with a child like earnestness and we willfully throw ourselves into a haze, from which we slowly find our way back into reality.