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Colorfilm (1971) - Standish Lawder



Further examining the medium of film itself, Colorfilm is a work Lawder made while trying to make a minimalist, "pure color" film. Using spliced-together strips of colored film leader in white, yellow, blue, red, green, etc., Lawder ran the film through a projector and found the results to be quite boring. While he was running the film, though, he noticed how beautiful the colored strips of film looked as they ran through the projector. So, he turned a camera on the projector and filmed the colored film gorgeously winding its way through the projector's machinery." - Noel Black, Colorado Springs Independent

Music by The Mothers of Invention.

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Chad "Chad" Jan. 11 2010 11:52Reply

gahh, my boss at the Exploratorium loves this film…'nuff said

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