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R G B (2002) - Rafael Rozendaal



-R-G-B- was posted earlier today but was an identical clone of a piece created by Rafael Rozendaal. We apologize for the mistake.

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Steve March 9 2009 11:59Reply

I like the boldness of "-R-G-B-." It really stands out, because of how bold it is and the colors that were used. On tv screens, these are the exact colors used to make up the picture, like the tv came with it's own built in set of primary colors. At least old tv screens used them, I'm not too sure about new ones, with the flat screens and high def. and all that. Then again, maybe I like it because it reminds me of playing Mario on the original Nintendo. The first one feels more like a minimalist painting, something in the vain of Mark Rothko almost. The second one gives me a feel of receding space in the center of it. I also like the fact that the individual blocks of color were not outlined in the lower piece, so there where they run together or overlap, you mind simply closes off one shape or another. The gestalt principles at work.

rafael rozendaal March 9 2009 19:09Reply

i made this piece! in 2000!!!


i never put it in a domain maybe i should…