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Logo (2009) - Oliver Jennings




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Jeffrey Crouse July 24 2009 12:32Reply

Nicely done!

Here are some more logos: Futuristic Motion Logos

Ctrl Alt Elite Aug. 23 2010 05:44Reply

Even better. Loving the AFD minimal design on this page too.

Jon Williams July 24 2009 12:41Reply

Who was the dude doing the stuff with the warner home video logo?

John Michael Boling July 24 2009 13:59Reply

JW - Are you thinking of this http://eilismcdonald.com/return2vhs/ ?

Brian Droitcour July 24 2009 16:52Reply

Eilis is a dude?

Jon Williams July 24 2009 17:20Reply

Everyone on rhizome is a dude

John Michael Boling July 26 2009 16:44Reply

Eilis is a dudette (technically)

Online Shopping Jan. 21 2010 19:00Reply

Eilis is a dude?

sweetpie Feb. 15 2010 17:57Reply

I am also dude:D Nice done:)