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Machine Guitars (1982) - Remko Scha


This record presents music emerging out of simple mechanical processes. The machine configurations employed are shown in the accompanying diagrams. Most of the tracks use uniformly moving sabre saws with ropes or flexible metal rods attached. The standing waves created in these attachments hit the strings of electric guitars. On track B4, a rotating metal brush operates directly on a guitar string. All pieces are autonomously played by the machines, without human control or interference.

All pieces recorded by the composer, September 1981- March 1982, at Apollo House, Eindhoven, except B$ recorded by Mark Abbott, April 1980, at WKCR-FM 89.9, Columbia University, New York. Mastered by Roland Smits and Theo van Eenbergen, July 1982, at 'Rauchende Colts', Nuenen.

UbuWeb has recently uploaded this album, you can listen to it here.

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