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Tiny Sketch

Tiny Sketch

Rules & Regulations

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Jim Bumgardner Aug. 14 2009 03:19Reply

A few suggestions about the "Tiny Sketch" competition.

1) It would be cool if there were a forum somewhere to discuss the competition. For entrants to swap tips, etc.

2) Many of the <200 entries have useful techniques that would be useful for those learning processing, but this pedagogical appeal is much reduced because the entrants need to be squished into a single line to save on characters. It might be good to use a script to judge the 'minimum length' of the programs, by removing redundant spaces, but allow the entrants to submit programs which are padded to > 200 characters for readability.


- Jim Bumgardner

Pall Thayer Aug. 17 2009 14:28Reply

I don't agree with #2. It's impossible to add pedagogical value to such a restrictive mode of creation. The restrictions force people to apply advanced methods to keep their code concise. Hardly the place to begin learning Processing. The best place to learn Processing is still the online reference: http://processing.org/reference/

John Michael Boling Aug. 18 2009 10:06Reply


Thanks for your feedback! We have comments enabled on the Tiny Sketch collection page on the OpenProcessing server. You can find it at — >