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Rehoboth Beach (2008) - Kathy Grayson


Oil and acrylic on panel, 42 x 60 in

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Trudence April 13 2009 16:47Reply

This is a beautiful piece of art! It is almost a bit of a mystery and one of <a href="http://www.earlymotherhood.com/">those</a> that play tricks on the eyes.

faraz April 13 2009 23:35Reply

Wow, for a moment I thought that this was actually a negative. Later on I noticed that this was a painting.
Awesome work.

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joe April 14 2009 01:57Reply

Looks fantastic. We're going to Dover on thursday. Is that a about an hour drive? How is the weather?

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Katie Summers April 14 2009 03:04Reply

Brillant! I love it.

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John April 14 2009 15:18Reply

Also reminds me of this.

veronica April 14 2009 17:11Reply


veronica April 14 2009 17:12Reply


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Scuccessbios April 15 2009 02:40Reply

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jennypaulson April 15 2009 07:14Reply

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jennypaulson April 15 2009 07:15Reply

Ed Pudol April 15 2009 07:16Reply

Wow, this is really beautiful piece. I love the painting very much…

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