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Building (Hotel, Pyongyang) (2008) - Sean Dack


Unique digital c-print, 39.7 x 30 inches

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Mark Camano April 14 2009 02:32Reply

I can't see the image. I can only see the top 10-15%. :)

Leslie Bogaerts April 14 2009 06:40Reply

Maybe it's meant to be this way, you never know with art

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Joyce Porter April 14 2009 12:38Reply

Reminds me of pixels…

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Dbucky April 14 2009 13:58Reply

It's supposed to be pixels.

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John April 14 2009 15:47Reply

I like it. Also reminds me of this.

alex April 14 2009 17:07Reply

Scuccessbios April 15 2009 02:42Reply

Maybe you have a great imagination to make this abstract.

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jennypauls April 15 2009 07:12Reply