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BURNINGCIGARETTE.COM (2008) - Rafael Rozendaal




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Better Angels Now April 6 2009 13:55Reply

Very nice work!

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Penny Moore April 6 2009 16:00Reply

This is wicked! I love seeing stuff like this!
Keep up the good work!

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Penny Moore April 6 2009 16:01Reply

My links didn't work sorry about that!

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Carl April 6 2009 18:12Reply

Burn Baby Burn. I am a smoker myself and to sort of have a closeup of the anatomy of a burning cigarette is very fascinating to see.

Nicely done.

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Brian Droitcour April 7 2009 01:46Reply

Hey Carl, maybe you should try to quit


bianca April 6 2009 22:36Reply

Burn it up very cool

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shawblink April 7 2009 06:47Reply

very creative, linking 3 youtube videos just to see the cigar burn lol

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eric huang April 7 2009 15:05Reply

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Karuna April 8 2009 02:01Reply

Cool Animation !!

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eric April 8 2009 12:24Reply

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Matthew Carey April 8 2009 22:32Reply

That is awesome! I will say that is one of the most unique and creative uses I have seen of online video. I never in a million years could have thought of that. And for that I respect you. Keep of the wonder work!

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Biku April 10 2009 13:06Reply

Nice animation! Interesting how you combine different youtube windows.
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Andy April 12 2009 04:31Reply

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Shelly April 13 2009 01:21Reply

googlecashkit April 13 2009 03:33Reply

like it very nice work indeed