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"I suggest that game studies should...turn not to a theory of realism in gaming as mere realistic representation, but define realist games as those games that reflect critically on the minutia of everyday life, replete as it is with struggle, personal drama, and injustice."- Alex Galloway

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The Society of the Spectacle
The Society of the Spectacle

Image: RSG, Kriegspiel, 2008. Game still.

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, the "Kriegspiel" event at OTO has been cancelled. They will reschedule soon. In the meantime, we suggest that Rhizome readers in the New York area attend our panel tonight Nextcity: The Art of the Possible at the New Museum.

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M. River Feb. 8 2008 12:41Reply

Darn. Tim and Alex are both sick today. We’re going to cancel the KRIEGSPIEL LAN Party at OTO tonight. We’ll reschedule soon and let you the new date. Looks like late Feb, early March.

M. River Feb. 15 2008 10:34Reply

We sadly had to cancel the event at the last minute but we’re back on for Friday February 22 (7pm to 10pm). Time to get your war on.

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