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Review of "In The Private Eye" at ISE Cultural Foundation

The mystery genre is one of the most robust in literature, theater and film as it has a superior ability to involve the reader in the unfolding of drama. The group show

Dannielle Tegeder, The New York Index of the Invisible, 2008

Letchworth Village Project
The New York Index of the Invisible

Carlos Motta, SOA: Black and White Tales, 2005-2007

San Nicolas Islands

Nin Brudermann, Aurelio Z, 2006/8

Aurelio Z

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Malkie April 3 2009 18:13Reply

I know they are missing persons posts but there is something absolutely fascinating about mug-shots. This seems to be similar. Everyone who looks at them must wonder "where are they now?" "Rich tapestries" indeed.


Bob Lormor April 5 2009 13:42Reply

Well, this is certainly a different way to view art!

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Handyman Gold Coast April 6 2009 10:24Reply

It does give the feeling of lost hope looking at rows of missing persons pinned on a board adn the eyes are so powerful in that photo.
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Mohan April 8 2009 13:54Reply

good article……

Mike Enos April 8 2009 15:05Reply

Imagine the emotional turmoil and heartache the family felt when their loved one disappeared. Sad.

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