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By Rhizome

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Rhizome's Community Campaign does not involve a telethon, but if you become a member at the Sprout level, you'll get one of four awesome ringtones that will make you wish we'd never stop calling you. Taigaa offers "Shark and Tiger," a catchy jungle fable from their new album Off, while the punchy, junky band Yacht wants to put their new track "NTSC" on your phone. You can nurse lingering childhood equestrian fantasies while listening to Ben Coonley's interview with an imaginary pony, who says "I like it when you brush me." And Ben Fino-Radin's ringtone is a concatenation of pitches he describes as "meditative," perfect for reflecting on why you're going to let a call go straight to voicemail.

With this kind of variety, you'll want to get your friends to be Sprouts, too, so you can enjoy all four!

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