But Is It Sports?

The Irational.org collective has never shied away from employing a wide array of strategies, technologies, and contexts to question social and political norms. This weekend in Glasgow the six members of the collective offer a particularly eclectic menu, inviting participants to 'liberate the horizontal,' create their own cola products, comment on the Irational wiki, climb trees, and much more. This whirlwind of activity marks the opening of the exhibition IRATIONAL.ORG: Tools, Techniques, and Events (1996-2006), curated by Inke Arns and Jacob Lillemose, at Glasgow's Centre for Contemporary Art. The exhibition showcases a comprehensive range of work by the group that will give potential tree climbers an inkling of what they are in for, and a sense of the impacts that Irational.org have made in virtual space, particularly at the height of dot-com hysteria. In more recent terms, some of the top headlines in the UK, at the moment, are about the upcoming 2012 Olympics in London, which will compel politicians to route enormous sums of money to the Games and away from the arts. True to Irational's style of reacting with humor and insight to the pressing political questions of the moment, Saturday's exhibition panel on Sports, Art, and the Praxis of the Proletariat will explore the group's recent interest in sports, its relationship to this impending regeneration, and its historical context--truly a workout for both body and mind. - Michelle Kasprzak