Propoganda Propagating Online

The effects of local politics are global. Warfare isn't limited by national borders; climate change cannot be confined. While the blogosphere has provided the disenfranchised with a platform for discussion and debate, one of the most powerful tools of grassroots communication has remained essentially provincial: Printed on paper and affixed to walls with wheat paste, the propaganda poster is a medium made to stay in place. Propaganda III effectively questions this role by proposing a hybrid future for poster art that relies on the global reach of photo-sharing website Flickr and the universal availability of inkjet printers. Already nearly two hundred posters from around the world have been submitted to the Propaganda III Flickr gallery--administered by San Francisco gallery START SOMA--with entries from Iran, Croatia, and China joining more conventional fare from England and the United States. Much of it, such as Shepard Fairey's stylish