World(s) of Awe

In 1995, New York-based artist Yael Kanarek stormed the art world in general and the new media community in particular with the first version of her ongoing, celebrated project 'World of Awe.' In her own words, the work consists of an 'online travelogue that chronicles a search for a lost treasure in a parallel world called Sunset/Sunrise.' A desert-style landscape serves as the stage upon which unfolds the story of an anonymous traveler that entered Sunset/Sunrise through a portal on 419 East 6th Street, in Manhattan, and keeps tracking the crumbs that have fallen from that precious, unreachable body. 'Object of Desire,' the third chapter of 'World of Awe,' will be publicly unveiled this Friday at New York's Exit Art during a talk given by Kanarek, followed by a discussion with Galit Eilat (moderator), Livia Alexander, Hakan Topal, and Michael Connor, that will address the topic of 'Plausible Maps, Possible Worlds: Memories for a Post-National Future.' As the debate's title suggests, Kanarek's new addition to 'World of Awe' imagines a post-national protagonist. Prompted from the understanding that language defines territory on the Internet, 'Object of Desire' examines the border as an ideological concept and practice, as it is written in three languages--English, Arabic and Hebrew--and 13 of its scenes are downloadable from servers in distinct locations--Ramallah (Palestinian region), Tel Aviv (Israel), Izmir (Turkey), and New York (US). Bringing together the current political scenario and her exploration of a futuristic imaginary, Kanarek creates a powerful intellectually and emotionally engaging piece, which will remain as one of the most significant metaphors of the present human condition created by contemporary artists. - Miguel Amado