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Japan's Media Art Top 100

By Rhizome

The Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan has recently selected "Japan's Media Art Top 100" based on the votes by the general public and selected experts. More than 33 thousand people voted this summer, and 25 works were selected in the following 4 areas: Art, Entertainment, Anime, and Manga. Here's the top 3's in each area:

(1)Taiyou no Tou (The Tower of Sun) by Taro Okamoto
(2) Meywa Denki Live Performances (see the related entry: Maywa Denki in Paris)
(3) NAKI by Meywa Denki

(1) Yawaraki Sensha by Rareko
(2) Pythagorean Switch
(3) Super Mario Bros

[Taiyou No Tou. (Photo by the poster)]

An exhibition that showcases the selected top 100 works will take place at the National Art Center Tokyo, from January 21, 2007. Hope I can report more around that time..

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