Rhizome Promotion: Join Us!

Rhizome's members are the roots of our system. We rely on our them for active participation in our programs and also for their support... Now, you know that you can join Rhizome as an individual, but did you know you could also come on board as an organization? It's true! Rhizome offers discounted group memberships to institutional communities--such as universities, libraries and art centers--all around the world. As with an individual membership, organizational subscriptions offer full access to our unparalleled archives of digital art and writing and the ability to use our new advanced search tool, which will allow for easy and precise navigation of our content. As a central resource in the new media art field, Rhizome is a platform for the exchange of ideas and art, and a catalyst for creative collaboration. Members have access to tools--such as Member-curated exhibits, RSS feeds and our Member Directory--which activate their connection to the new media art community and help broadcast their work. Consider joining Rhizome as an organizational subscriber today, and connect your institution to the thriving international network of new media art. A full list of benefits is available online. - Rhizome.org