The Museum at the End of Cyberspace

Since 2002, the Museum of the Essential and Beyond That has amassed an enormous collection of online artworks. Housed in a labyrinthine virtual building, it's tended to with great devotion by the museum's creator, Regina Célia Pinto. As it's easy to get lost in this wondrous playground, Pinto has created a visual map of the museum: visitors can take a lift from the basement to the attic and browse the works on offer at each level. More than a hundred artists are represented, including Anna Maria Uribe, Stelarc, Jimpunk, Jess Loseby, Nicolas Clauss, Maya Kalogera, Millie Niss, Geert Deekers, and Annie Abrahams--to name but a few. The home page offers a number of ways into the collection besides the map. Once inside, visitors will be seduced by beautiful dances, sidetracked by interactive games, and mesmerised by virtual train trips. Thoughtfully, the museum has a restaurant and bathrooms, so all your needs can be met while you forget your deadlines and appointments and abandon yourself in the museum with no admission lines. - Helen Varley Jamieson.