Audible Observation

Josef Albers once said that art is our visual response to the world, to the universe, and to life. Location One's upcoming shows, 'Slowscan Soundwave (III)' and 'The Teleaesthetic Finger' add acoustics and some mystery to Albers's notion of visual response. In the main gallery, Douglas Repetto's interactive sculpture, 'Slowscan Soundwave (III),' creates 'a simple physical manifestation of complex physical, biological, and social phenomenon.' Awash in motors, electronics and reactive Mylar, the gallery breathes presence into one of the invisible elements that shape our lives: sound. Similarly, the group show in Location One's Project Room, 'The Teleaesthetic Finger,' seeks presence for the invisible; yet these phenomena are less scientific and more extrasensory in nature. Atsushi Nishijima, Kevin Centanni, and Heather Wagner trap sounds of places never visited. The recorded journey of a kite floating out of sight or the signals of inaccessible radio frequencies attempt to capture those invisible, mysterious, but still real parts of our auditory universe. Combined, Location One's shows suggest that our responses to the world, and to life, need observation by more than our eyes. - Alyssa Wright