The Medium is the Material

Transmission art, much like new media, is deeply impacted by the evolution of technology. Taking airwaves as its source material, this ethereal medium has traveled a historical route that began with morse code at the turn of the past century and runs through text messaging at the start of this one, all the while encompassing a broad range of formal and conceptual strategies. For the exhibition Open Call, Rhizome has teamed up with free103point9, a nonprofit organization who've pioneered the study and practice of transmission art, to create a context for art works that explore transmission along the wireless spectrum. Open Call seeks projects that engage the idea of transmission art via the Internet or GPS systems or mobile phones, or any other wireless technology, and exist as art works online. The organizations have called out to artists in their respective communities to submit works for the exhibition which will take place from January through March 06, and be elaborated in a live, accompanying event. So, whip your nearest frequency into an ephemeral art frenzy, and contribute to the ongoing exploration of the waves that bind us. - Lauren Cornell