META[CC] Receives Franklin Furnace Funding
image from television news overlayed with normal closed captionsand meta[cc] generated captions in news ticker format
conglomco media network:
META[CC] Receives Franklin Furnace Funding, featuring an online real-time video captioning engine that
provides multiple perspectives and resources to the mainstream news
media, received Franklin Furnace's Future of the Present 2006 Grant,
supported by Jerome Foundation.
The website seeks to become an open forum for real time discussion and
commentary of televised media by combining strategies employed in
web-based discussion forums, blogs , tele-text subtitling, on-demand
video streaming, and search engines.
As the project develops, additional features such as web-based remote
channel switching, video archiving, further data-mining capabilities,
and on-demand streaming of archived content will be implemented.
Meta[CC]is a project of the Conglomco Media Network.
Utilizing the expanding potentials for copying, appropriating,
sampling, and synthesizing provided by the internet, Conglomco seeks to
create projects that explore the possibilities of social commentary and
creative activism in a networked and techno-savvy environment.
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