Sound "Wurld"

An online quarterly published by New York's PS122 Gallery, Artwurl strives to create dialogues that enable its contributors to blur their roles as artists, curators and critics. Each issue contains a series of artists' projects, interviews between artists and a list of recommended upcoming exhibitions compiled by a guest artist or curator. The Spring ‘05 issue highlights sound work, including MP3s of an underwater installation by Abinadi Meza (USA) and a sonic deconstruction of mainstream radio programming by Kabir Carter (USA). Meza’s piece, entitled “Soft Jaws,” is culled from samples of the few "light-hearted" moments of Jaws, which are played through underwater speakers, such that listeners must be submerged in order to hear the work. In his project, "Decontrolled," Kabir Carter doctors mainstream radio broadcasts through analog and digital methods, and subsequently disseminates the recordings via the CD bootleggers that overrun the Manhattan thoroughfare of Canal Street. - Matt Boch