The Anti-Nike?

Sometimes making conceptual art is like wanting to throw yourself off the nearest tall building, and inevitably someone somewhere always says "Don't Do it!!!!" And now, Curt Cloninger and the This Concept Project wants to explore that paradigm further by suggesting that would-be conceptual artists flood lists like Rhizome Raw with detailed instructions for works they will never realize. My set of instructions goes as follows: Spend every waking moment on the internet seeking out net art in its various strains and digesting as much related contextualisation as possible; sign up to every listserv that relates to net art, internet culture and indeed offline art forms; add yourself to the mailing list of every Net artist, collective and organization. Once your inbox and indeed your brain are brimming full of net art news, in its many forms, contact Rhizome and suggest yourself as a Net Art News writer, interviewer or reporter and begin to write sterling bulletins and critiques of the world of Net art as you know it. . . . So what are you waiting for? Just think it! - Charlotte Frost