Stuck on Buck

What do Dr. Suess, Henry Mancini, Lewis and Clark and R. Buckminster Fuller have in common? Well, starting July 12 all of their faces will grace US first class stamps issued in 2004. The US Postal Service is honoring the fiftieth anniversary of Fuller's patent for the geodesic dome with a 37cent stamp that morphs the visionary's head with the triangulated surface of his famous structure complete with his signature black frames. Ditch the I-heart-you and garden bouquet stamps and send a message of design innovation and technoartistry with each bill and letter you send this summer. Heck, you might even be inspired to catch up on all of your snail mail correspondence. Before you head to the back of the line at your local post office, check out the US Postal Service website: where you buy Bucky stamps in sheets of 20 and have them mailed to your Dymaxion House or wherever you call home. - Gloria Sutton