Aural Fixation

In 'The Audible Past' Jonathan Sterne notes that 'it is not the breaking down of borders between sound and not-sound that should fascinate us but rather the continuous constitution and transformation of the two.' For more exposure to current investigations in the field of sound/technology, turn your ears towards Huddersfield, England where Ultrasound, the experimental sound and music festival will reverberate for 3 days starting today, November 27. The focus of this year's festival is on Icelandic sound works and features a program curated by Thor Magnusson of the ixi-software project who will also lead a workshop on interfacing sound and robotics. Don't miss other favorites such as Johann Johannson, Nullpointer and 'Messa di Voce' (a collaborative performance by Golan Levin and Zach Lieberman investigating communication, abstraction and synaesthetics by melding speech recognition technology with real-time interactive visualization software). rand()\%